Our Token is Launching Tomorrow. Mark Your Calendars.

PECO is going live tomorrow so I wanted to share a quick update with our amazing podcast listeners.

1. PECO will launch on October 21st at 12pm UTC. For people living in Taiwan that will be 8pm or people in EST. That will be 8am.

2. People have registered for the pre-sale will have a week to make their purchase and qualify for the air drop.

3. You can purchase your PECO using ETH or MATIC.

4. The air drop will be based on who makes their purchase first. So you have to try to purchase as soon as possible in order to get that sweet 30% air drop.

5. Don’t forget you have to hold your PECO for 60 days in order to get your tokens air dropped.

6. Of course you are allowed to sell, but that will mean you will be disqualified from receiving the air drop

7. If you need any help, don't forget to stop by our Discord or Telegram servers.

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