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Episode 3

DFI - Under The Hood (Maker,The Graph,Compound,yearn.finance)

Hey you crypto people, Amun token holders and all the people just entering the crypto sphere. This is Crian and I am back with the jammed packed third episode of our popular podcast. This episode was recorded on August 12th 2021. Today we interview our Research Lead, Eliezer Ndinga. Originally from France but living in England, he fills us in on the remaining four tokens that comprise DFI. These are Maker, Compound, The Graph and Yearn Finance. This is a great show if you want to learn more about DFI or just these tokens. We also announce our writing contest where you get to win up to 1000 USD in prizes. Check our Discord and Telegram for that. We end of the show talking about the hottest news this week. Of course, the Poly hack, US Infrastructure Bill and something up beat. A wonderful article from morning brew talking about the top 7 countries who use crypto the most. Thanks everyone for listening and don’t forget to tune in next week where we interview another member of the team and get their insights into our other token DMX. 

Tokens Covered Today:

1.    Maker

2.   Compound

3.   The Graph

4.   Yearn Finance

News Covered Today:

5.    Poly Hack

6.    US Infrastructure Bill

7.    Top 7 Countries that use Crypto

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