Episode 18

Crypto Monetizing Content ft. Aureal

Hello fellow DMX, DFI and PECO holders. It’s Crian and I am back with another fantastic podcast. Today we are joined by a special guest. Shubham who is the CEO of a very special monetization platform called Aureal. It is built on the blockchain and particularly the Hive blockchain. Today we talk about what Aureal is, how he came up with the idea and what it is coming in the future. We also end the show off talking about Indian crypto regulation and open source. Welcome to the eighteenth episode of the Inside Crypto Podcast. This episode was recorded on November 5th 2021. Monetization is hard in the podcast space and pretty much every other space out there. It’s hard to do something in your free time and not get paid for it. Even those who are extremely passionate about something have only so much gas in the tank. What if there was a better way to monetize your content. A way that didn’t involve waiting till you reach some arbitrary numbers setup by YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. Well today we have a solution… Listen in to find out...

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